Friday, October 22, 2010


Posted by ♥Genevieve Floreyn Reysntty♥ at 2:44 PM
woot²! Finally my exam Finish on 21 october 2010!
No more Pressure on me!
But siyesly this Semester like Damm To me the Final Exam
Most of all my paper my Biomechanic II easy to me and the others paper?
Others paper DOWN! Oh man!
Mostly Paper Principles Pharmacology?
Damm Study for 2 days also difficult to me!
I think me and My classmate gonna Repeat that Subject! LOL
I think my result this Sem Worse and really worse! Cuak Doh Hah kuar bahasa semenanjung ku!
Nak menangis dulu nie! Wa wa wa wa! Sadis Paper semester nie susah!

But mostly Saya nak Bagitau sini 3 days Left:: LIMBANG MALI larh!
LOL i miss Limbang damm Much even just a small town no shopping complex just Limbang Plaza
Limbang so special in my Heart!
Then Mostly I miss my Parents Mamy Daddy Here ur cutest manja Daughter Coming!
LOL i miss my Lovely Elite! I miss Elite damm Much! i wish can bring u me here! LOL
macam Benda idup plak Elite kan? Haha
cheoo Really excited da tok! Dengar bunyi kapal terbang da over excited! Haha
Kalau kat Limbang bule merayau tanpa banyak guna duit itu yang penting
HAHA! Bahagia idup d Limbang
:: Limbang Wait me Keyh? 3 More Days Left ::



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