Tuesday, November 30, 2010


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On 27th November 2010
me and my lesbo planning hang out with my cuzzie that Just arrive KL
and bring Him kayoh2 with us.
So we decide hang out at Times Square the place we owez hang out.
me and my cuzzie meet my lesboo at Times Square where me and my cuzzie from Cheras and Lesbo come from Shah Alam ALONE!
Can't believe that she can go ALONE! SYABAS!
Really Happy walk inside the Times Square Because of Christmas Environment!
WOW at that times really Miss my Hometown So much!
Besides me, cuzzie (JEFRIZIO) , lesbo there another more Friend joins us
Just he late a lil bit more.
He is my Lesbo Panda. Hahaha!
Friend of my Cuzzy too!
Ouch So Sweet when they sitting Side by side watching Cinema!
Oh yeah! Forgot we also watch HARRY POTTER new Movie!
You Should watch it and now i so curious to watch Part 2!
When kayoh2 im the want buy thing but the others follows me and only come there to EAT!
Ngek Betul.
Oh yah me and my lesbo buy new BENNIE CAP! Nice rite?
Are we Cute? Say YES if not I KILL YOU!

My Lesboo & my Gayboo (Cuzzy)
Just FRIEND ok!

and me myself alone!
Promoting the BENNIE CAP!
Am i CUTE? Haha Yeah i knoe im CUTE!
my Lesbo and me at Christmas Tree at middle of Times Square!
Nice and really Feel the Christmas Mood olready!
Nice Shoot Rite? Yeah Nice face and hand there! Haha.
Nobody Capture For Us!

Then me myself again taken by my Lesbo
Peace to The Christmas! Merry Christmas!

and Last picture of mind at Marry Brown and i ♥ this Photo So much!
And this Photo last capture before we went back home and separately.
I miss you guy! We hang out again yah lesbo?


Shu Mei said...

I <3 the panda part!


i knoe u gonna <3 it. hahaha.

Shu mei said...

LOL I <3 Panda too.


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